Laura Davis

Producer Laura Davis first found success as a disc jockey for the legendary L.A. rock station KLOS, and then as a film reporter for NBC Radio's young-adult The Source network. She segued into a career producing "behind the scenes" documentaries for some of the world's most respected directors including Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, James L. Brooks, Mike Nichols and Michael Mann. Beginning with "Dances With Wolves" and continuing through Mann's recent film, "Public Enemies," Laura's documentaries have been seen on HBO, Showtime and Starz. Laura also developed and executive produced the movies-of-the-week "Still Holding On: The Legend of Cadillac Jack" (CBS) starring Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black and "Someone Else's Child" (ABC) starring Hartman Black, Bruce Davison and Louise Fletcher before returning to documentaries. She produced the prize-winning documentary "Everest: On Location in the Death Zone" (Miramax Home Video) and "The Chefs and the Architect" for The Food Network, and collaborated with Carl Kurlander on"My Tale of Two Cities" prior to beginning work on "The Shot Felt 'Round the World." In September 2010, she will produce "A New York Heartbeat" with director Tjardus Greidanus.

Tjardus Greidanus (Director, Editor, Director of Photography)
Carl Kurlander (Producer)
Laura Davis (Producer)
Stephanie Dangel Reiter (Executive Producer)
Kris Veenis (Co-Producer)
Billy White Acre (Composer)