Billy White Acre

Film and TV composer Billy White Acre began his musical training at age six. At ten he was plucked from Saint Simon's choir in his native Toronto by Sir David Wilcox and given a choral scholarship to attend St. Michael's College in England, where he studied cello and piano. After a strict diet of Byrd, Bach, Handel and Mozart, he faked a voice change and spent the remainder of his teens immersed in the giants of rock, pop, jazz, punk and heavy metal. White Acre studied theory, composition and jazz at York University in Toronto and Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, before moving to Los Angeles and establishing himself as an award-winning singer-songwriter and distinctive guitar stylist. He began composing for such films as Valerie Breiman's "Love & Sex," Dan Mintz's "Cookers," for which he won the Best Film Score at the 2001 Milan Int'l Film Festival, and Jay Lee's satire "Zombie Strippers!" for Sony Pictures. Many of his songs have been featured on soundtracks, as well. In 2009, White Acre started writing for television. Discovery's 12-part shipwreck series "Treasure Quest" was followed by "Powering the Future" and The History Channel's "Pawn Stars". "The Shot Felt 'Round the World" is his first orchestral score.

Tjardus Greidanus (Director, Editor, Director of Photography)
Carl Kurlander (Producer)
Laura Davis (Producer)
Stephanie Dangel Reiter (Executive Producer)
Kris Veenis (Co-Producer)
Billy White Acre (Composer)